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January 29, 2011 - San Francisco, CA
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J. Elizabeth Clark, LaGuardia Community College, NYThe Fragile Dream: ePortfolio, At-Risk Students, and College Success

Presenter(s):  J. Elizabeth Clark, Professor of English, LaGuardia Community College City University of New York

Description: For students who are seemingly at-risk at every level – academically, economically, socially, and culturally – higher education can seem like an endlessly imposing chain-link fence with no entrance. ePortfolio and digital authorship have played a key role at LaGuardia Community College in helping students transition from gatekeeper courses into their major area of study. Their ePortfolios serve as roadmap, record, and traveling curriculum vitae, following students from course to course and charting their journeys. And now it has also begun to serve as a passport, when students transfer to a 4-year college. What does it look like to create an ePortfolio program for every student, even the most academically underprepared student, and to shape their educational experiences using ePortfolio as a critical point of access into the world of higher education?

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PPT:  The Fragile Dream: ePortfolio, At-Risk Students, and College Success -  8Mb

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Elizabeth's post-Forum Reflection:

"The luncheon keynote, situated in the middle of the day, was a perfect opportunity pick up on themes from earlier in the day, finding connections between our collective ePortfolio work. My presentation focused on the new work LaGuardia Community College is doing with integrative ePortfolios, Capstone ePortfolios, and a staged, developmental ePortfolio process. I was interested in highlighting the new ways LaGuardia is thinking about ePortfolio and how students are working with our new structure. The question and answer session highlighted the challenges of integrating ePortfolio across the curriculum and working with a large scale ePortfolio program."

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