Google Apps for ePortfolios

GoogleApps_Logo.gifUsing Google Apps is a free and easy way to create an online ePortfolio. There are a lot of resources available on the web to help you get started with Google Apps; however, the most comprehensive compilation of resources, for both students, institutions, and educators, comes from Dr. Helen Barrett, dubbed the "Grandmother of ePortfolios" due to her extensive experience with ePortfolios in education. (To learn more about Dr. Helen Barrett, visit her website and read her biography.)

Dr. Barrett has created a very useful Google Site with information, resources, and step-by-step instructions on using free Google tools to build a successful ePortfolio. Click here to review the various Google Apps available with your free Google account. (Scroll down for a comprehensive list of each Google tool available.)

  1. Create a Google Account.  Before you can begin building a free ePortfolio using Google Apps, you'll need to create a Google Account.
    1. To create a new Google Account, visit the Getting Started page within the Google Accounts Help section of Bookmark this page for future reference.
    2. You may already have an account (GMail), in which case you'll need to Sign-In to your account to begin using your free Google Apps.
  2. Step-by-Step ePortfolio Process using Google Apps.  Once you've created your Google account, you are ready to review the other Google Apps (tools) and how you can use them to create an ePortfolio. The use of these tools is optional. There is no right or wrong way to use them. However, when used together, these applications give you the opportunity to create a very powerful and interactive ePortfolio, that can be shared or kept private.
  3. GoogleSites_95x40.pngCreate a Google Site.  Once you have created and signed in to your Google account, you can create a Google Site to serve as the foundation for your ePortfolio.

    1. First check out the "How To" Guide designed by Helen Barrett. Creating an Interactive Portfolio with Google Sites.
    2. There are a number of excellent video tutorials available to walk you through the process.

      1. An Interactive Tour of Google Sites, from
      2. "How to Create an ePortfolio with a Google Site", created by Nick Delzotto, Hawaii Tokai International College.

  4. GoogleDocs_logo95x41.pngUsing Google Docs. GoogleDocs provides a powerful toolset for developing artifacts in an ePortfolio. Check out the tutorial videos included in the link.

    1. Check out the "How To" guides designed by Helen Barrett.

      1. How to create an electronic portfolio with GoogleDocs--Document.
      2. How to Create a Presentation Portfolio using GoogleDocs Presentation