FoliotekFoliotek… Assessment made simple

Foliotek’s student and program accreditation capabilities are built on the paradigm of electronic portfolios. Faculty and students are more motivated to utilize the Foliotek assessment system because they see benefits to their own professional development. Improvements in participation at the individual level result in improved data collection and reporting results at the program/unit level.

Foliotek’s creative blending of data collection, reporting, assessment, and portfolio capabilities provides schools with a highly flexible assessment system. Foliotek’s ease of use and wealth of time-saving features eliminate barriers to acceptance faced by schools that are planning to improve assessment practices.

Foliotek is configured to the needs of each academic program as a part of our industry leading service. A dedicated Assessment Consultant works with each program to meet their data collection and reporting needs. Programs have online access to reports which quantify student performance vs. any set of competencies. Performance results can be filtered by any profile field collected. This aids programs in their ability to clearly demonstrate the steps that they are taking to make improvements. Student performance issues can be identified, addressed, and shown to be resolved through utilization of the Foliotek reporting system. This system also includes the ability to track how students and faculty are utilizing Foliotek over time. User activity reports aid administrators in the process of encouraging students and faculty to submit and assess required ePortfolio components.

If you would like to see some online presentations of how Foliotek works, go to If you would like to ask questions of a Foliotek Consultant or schedule a product demonstration, contact Mr. Todd Narrol at 1.888.365.4639 ext. 313.